Superhero Sumo Suits for Adults and Children!

The Ultimate Battle between some of the worlds greatest Superheroes can be decided on a very "local" scale! Your heroes have been chosen....ney... hand plucked! from the world of legend to do battle on a 12ft by 12ft battle mat arena in your back garden. It was their destiny to do battle against each other and it is now your destiny to decide the outcome! So prepare yourselves and stand back! (A good few feet from the battle mat should do it) Let the tournament commence! Grrrr!!!

The Aim Of The Game

Hilarious fun for both spectators and participants! The aim of the game is to push, pull, trip or throw your well padded opponent out of the coloured circle on the padded mat OR to force them onto their back.

Adult Superheroes: Batman Vs Superman

For ages 15 - 150

A legendary battle of Batman V's Superman, and Adult opponent V's Adult opponent. Not only is this an epic concoction of Superhero supremacy but an all too convenient movie blockbuster to hit our screens in early 2016. What are the chances!?! (Literally bouncing off of the walls waiting for that one), but whimsical probability to one side and in all seriousness, we all need an answer on who would really win here. Over to you!

Childrens Superheroes: Spider-Man V's Hulk

For ages 8 - 14

The epic massacre continues but in younger hero form and under the guise of the web slinging captain of cool himself, Spider-Man and his/her opponent, the ultimate warrior in any dimension, this creature needs no introduction and has no earthly reason to carry a banner because he IS a Banner, the one, the only.....HULK!!!

What fantastical equipment is supplied?

This hire item is supplied with;

  • 12ft x 12ft Crash Mat Battle Arena
  • Superhero Sumo Suits (2 per arena)
  • Safety Helmets
  • Flippin' great big boxing type gloves!
  • Very helpful neck braces just in case but to be worn at all times when Superheroes do battle.

Our Sumo's are a great choice for your Corporate Event or Team Building Days. They are also an incredibly popular wedding party option. If you have any queries about our sumo boxing suits please do not hesitate to Contact Us or you can book online today.

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Superhero Sumo Boxing