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School Package D

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Especially for Schools - This package consists of our 11x15 Multi-Themed Bouncy Castle which can come in a range of different themes, our Space Hopper Racetrack, our Children's Superhero Sumo Suits (Spiderman V's Hulk) and our Football Shootout with Speed Gun! In addition the Football Shootout can be provided with ALL THREE BACKGROUND OPTIONS for your event which you can change to suit during your event. This includes; Football Shootout, Golf Pitching and Zombie Shootout.

These are a great combination that offer great fun inflatables that are a little different and a lot of fun!

To book, contact us today on 01983 854739 or 07540 430790. Alternatively you can message us through our contact page by following the link here.

Full details of these products can be found following the links below but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

11x15 Multi Themed Bouncy Castle

Space Hopper/ Happy Hopperz Racetrack

Children's Superhero Sumo Suits

Shootout Games

Build a package to suit you

As with all of our school packages we aim to bring you the best deal possible while at the same time providing top quality eye catching inflatables but we do recognise that everyone has their own idea of what makes up a great package. So if you would like to discuss building your own package with us at a special rate to suit your schools budget then please contact us to discuss your options.

Price: £200

IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to ensure you have enough space for your party setup. Click here for details.