Our Pricing

Our prices, in a nutshell, no hidden charges, no surprises

Hire price - the price you see on the item description. It includes delivery, setup and collection. This will only be different on four days of the year; Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Eve. On these days additional charges apply. Please contact us directly for details.

Customer error - If we arrive for setup and find the location to be unsuitable, eg. hard surface or dirt instead of grass, unlevel setup areas, garden has animal foul or other unhygienic elements in the setup area, dangerous hazards within the setup area etc, then we reserve the right to cancel your booking then and there and charge full price for the hire without leaving you the equipment.

Overnight hire - It’s a £50 flat rate, not per item hired, and is only available when setup in a secure location as deemed so by us.

Late hire - £10 per hour. We will collect up until 7pm for a day hire, if you request we can collect at 8pm for plus £10, at 9pm for plus £20 and so on up until midnight. If we are running behind schedule, and get there a little later, you don’t pay extra. Bonus!

Ball Pools - When hiring a ball pool you are required to collect the balls back up into the net provided by the end of the party. However, upon request we will collect the balls back up for you at a charge of £30.

Deposits - From 1st September 2019 and for all bookings received we require a non-refundable deposit from your overall hire price of £30. Should you need to cancel your booking the deposit can be transferred once to another booking made within 6 months of the initial date booked. Please note, 'date booked' refers to the date the booking was made and NOT the date of the hire. If you have an order over £200 then we may at our discretion ask for a 20% deposit.

Wedding hire - For wedding hire we require a booking deposit of £50 that follows the same rules for deposits as above. In addition we require a refundable security/damage deposit of £50. The security/damage deposit is an incentive based deposit that you get back after your big day so long as our equipment is collected in the same awesome condition it was delivered in. Obviously some but not excessive grass/mud as deemed by us is to be expected and would not affect that deposit. Common sense should always prevail.

Full payment for weddings is required no later than 1 month before the hire date.

Upfront payment - There are only two times we ask for payment in advance of your booking; weddings and face painting and this is required in full. At any other time the balance payment after deposit is required by cash on delivery, we do also now accept debit card payments to the delivery driver. If you would prefer to pay your balance prior to the booking date we can accept online payment and you have the option when booking through our website to pay either a deposit or in full, it’s there as a choice and for whatever works best for you. We can also send out payment links via email should you decide to pay in full after the We no longer accept cheques.

Prices shown are fully inclusive of delivery, setting up and taking away (please note for the West Wight there is a minimum order value due to the extra distance and time for travel to this area). Travel to the mainland is also possible but does incur additional costs for travel and time.


Delivery and Collection Times


Delivery - between 8am and 12pm (noon)

Collection - between 3pm and 7pm

Your core party times are between 12pm and 3pm but with an average 6 hour hire period.

Late Hire is available for adult suitable units ONLY and is chargeable at £10ph flat rate up until midnight and subject to available time slots.

Overnight Hire is available for adult units ONLY, at our discretion and only to secure locations as deemed by us. False or misleading information about the security of the setup site may result in the withdrawal of overnight hire as an option on the day.


We arrive for setting up at a prearranged with you time and repeat this for collection. We strongly recommend an hour either side of your party or event is reserved for setting up and packaging away however for a single inflatable 30 minutes either side of your event is usually sufficient. For dry hire (an unmanned option) drop off and collection times must be between 7am and 7pm on the day of the hire.


IMPORTANT: Please ensure you have enough space for your party setup. The size of the inflatable is not the same as the safe setup space required. If you are unsure then you can check using the ‘Size’ tab above or you can contact us directly. Make sure you have measured your setup area prior to calling. Please take into account overhead obstructions when measuring your space as well as any structures or obstacles that encroach on the space. If we arrive to set up and there is insufficient space for a safe setup or the setup area is unsuitable you will not receive your party setup and you will still be charged the full price for the hire.

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