If you have any other queries which are not answered below then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us by clicking here

How do I book?

You can make a booking by using the contact page on our website or you can telephone, text or email. We do also have our Facebook page although during busy periods you will be directed from there to send an email instead. The fastest way to book is over the phone. If you are unsure of what would be the most suitable items to book then please don't panic, we've been doing this for nearly ten years so contact us directly, we would be happy to advise.

How much does it cost?

We have a number of items available for hire at competitive prices. All of our prices are clearly displayed on our website as 'from' prices and are fully inclusive of delivery, setup and collection. For all bookings we do require a minimum overall hire price of £120 during the period 1st October to 31st March and a minimum £100 during the period 1st April to 30th September. Any final packages priced below that when booking will need the difference added in order for the booking to happen. If hire is required for more than 6 hours then additional charges may apply. There are also additional charges during December, late hire and overnight hire. Overnight hire is available only at our discretion. For full details on pricing, please click here.

How much notice do I need to give you for a booking?

You can book anytime, however, dates can get very busy and especially during winter months (October - March) when we are mainly indoors and times are more restricted so please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. If it’s last minute, the best option is to phone us on 01983 854739 or 07540 430790

When are your hire items available?

We are open 7 days a week all year round, including bank holidays. Bookings are taken on a first come, first served basis. We are unable to take provisional bookings or reserve equipment without confirming your booking with a deposit.


What if I need to cancel?

You can cancel at any time prior to your hire without being fully charged for the equipment you have hired. However, you will lose your deposit. Deposits can be transferred once to a new booking date within 6 months of the original date the booking was made. Cancelling your booking within 24 hours before the event will incur being charged full price for the hire items. Any deposits are to reserve the equipment for you and are lost upon cancellation. Face Painting payments are non-refundable. Any cancellations made by us would be due to safety reasons ie. Predicted High Winds or Heavy Rain. In this instance you would not be charged and we offer a full refund.

What happens after I have made my booking?

You will be sent 3 separate emails once your booking has been received. The first, your 'Confirmation email' contains all of your booking details. Check it, double check it and then treble check it as it contains the details for your booking that we will be working to on the day. This email also contains a link through to a secret hidden page of our website that’s only accessible to customers once a booking has been made. The second email, your T&C's email, needs to be read and returned signed as explained in the email itself. It's really simple to do, the email explains all. The third and final email is a deposit request and must be paid upon receipt of the email. For outdoor hires, on the day of your booking you’ll receive a text message with up to a 30 minute warning that we are on the way. After your hire, and assuming you’ve opted into our mailing, you’ll receive a promotional email that includes a discount on your next hire.

How long does it take to set up / inflate / deflate / pack up?

For outdoor hires bouncy castles usually take approximately 20 minutes to set up and 20 to 30 minutes to pack away depending on access. There is also a short safety briefing before we hand over responsibly of the equipment to you. This is only a time estimate and may vary depending upon which castle you hire. If you have hired more than one item then set up will take longer. This also depends upon how easy access to the setup area is.

For indoor hires there is a lot more equipment involved and at least 30 minutes for setting up and again at the end is required. If hiring more than one item we recommend a 1 hour setting up time. This allows for us to setup and for you to then set up any of your own bits, tables and chairs etc. As we are usually the largest setup in the room it’s better to allow us to setup first and then you setup around our equipment following the safety briefing. The safety standards for setting up equipment outdoors is completely different for indoor hires. We use heavy sandbags instead of ground stakes and following European legislation as laid out clearly in BSEN14960:2013 crash mats are provided around any open area ie. the end of slides or bouncy castle steps. There should be no exposed hard surface within 1.2m. This rule has been in place since 2006. Where possible we also use acoustic hoods for sound control of the blower units. This will depend on the hall, the amount of inflatables and availability of the acoustic hoods.

How long do I get the bouncy castle?

Delivery times for outdoor hires start from 8am through till 12pm and collections start from 3pm through to 7pm for a day hire. We aim to give all of our customers a minimum of 6 hours hire time. We recommend planning your party between the hours of 12pm and 3pm, these are your core party times and when we guarantee delivery and setup by and collection from. Delivery routes are planned prior to the day and although we will give you an estimated delivery time and collection time if you’d like more accurate party times then please just ask closer to the time. The price is the same regardless of whether you have the castle for a couple of hours (usually for hall hires) or for the whole day (up to 6 hours). This is because the workload for us is the same. Adult castles are available for later hire up until 10.00 pm for an additional £15 per hour late hire charge after 7pm and up until 10pm. Overnight hire is available for an extra £50. Overnight hire is entirely at our discretion. Delivery and collection times are approximate and may be subject to change depending upon other bookings that day. We always try to ensure you get a minimum of 6 hours with the inflatable and more importantly, your party times. Priority is given to hall bookings when it comes to delivery and collection times as they have strict constraints on times. Wedding hire of our equipment is given top priority on the day and a lot more flexibility in order to fit in around your plans.

What does the price include?

The price includes delivery of the hire equipment together with any blowers, extension cable and safety crash mats. We will then setup the equipment and ensure the castles are secure and clean prior to leaving and we will also provide safe operational instructions. Upon collection we will clean and deflate the inflatable and take it away.

How much space do I need?

We will need a 3-4 foot clear access to deliver the equipment depending on the items hired. Please see product details for specific access requirements. For bouncy castles you will need a minimum 10.5 foot space at the front and 6 foot at the rear of the castle and 6 foot either side over the size of the unit itself. This is for safety reasons and to comply with BSEN14960 1,2&3. There needs to be no overhanging items such as branches and we need a flat, grassy area to set up on. Safe setup allows for a 3° slope. Every inflatable listed on our website states both the size of the unit and the required space for setting up. It is your responsibility when booking to ensure the setup space is suitable. If it is not, you will be charged for the full cost of the hire and will not receive the equipment. Grass setups require the grass cut short, not by us and not cut on the day of the hire as freshly cut grass will bleed and can cause staining.

Can the castle be set up on a hill?

No our bouncy castles cannot be set up on a hill although we may be able to set them up on a slight slope. The maximum slope we can set up on is 3°. Please contact us if you are unsure.

Can you set up on stones, concrete or tarmac?

It is not usually possible to set up on concrete or tarmac and setting up on stones is out of the question regardless of any coverings that can be laid down to protect the units. Grass is the preferred surface for outdoor setups. If there is no other option than concrete or tarmac then please contact us directly to discuss options. There will be an additional cost involved for setting up on concrete or tarmac and will be at our discretion.

Can Soft Play Be Setup outdoors?

The ideal surface for Soft Play equipment is indoors on a carpet or hard but non abrasive surface. It is not usually allowed outdoors however it is something we can do but there are rules; It absolutely cannot be setup where animal faeces may be or has been. Soft Play equipment cannot get wet. If rain is predicted or if the ground is wet from a previous shower then it must be, where possible, setup indoors instead. This is due to the foam inside of Soft Play which is absorbent and can take literal months to dry out if it were to get wet. In addition a lot of our Soft Play equipment is hand painted and if it were to come into contact with abrasive surfaces such as a patio or on gravel or near border stones then it could cause permanent damage to the equipment. Even patches of dirt on a lawn can also be quite abrasive. Freshly cut grass can also stain the equipment so please don’t cut the grass just before we arrive, ideally at least two days prior to the hire will suffice if at all. Conversely we cannot setup on long uncut grass where it’s not possible to see any potential hazards in the long grass.

What do I need to do before you arrive?

Please ensure access to the setup area and the setup area itself is clear. You will need to ensure any overhanging branches, washing lines etc are removed and that the surface is clear of stones, sharp objects, dog mess etc. We will also need access to a suitable mains electricity power point that is NOT an extension lead and is within 25m of the setup space, We reserve the right to refuse any booking and charge in full for unsuitable setup spaces.

Can I hire the inflatable overnight?

Adult castles and some garden games are available overnight at our discretion. Conditions apply as well as an overnight hire charge. Children’s castles are not available for overnight hire. Please contact us directly for more information.

Will the inflatables go in halls?

All of our inflatables are suitable for use both outdoors and inside halls and venues. Always enquire with the hall you are hiring with as to the height of the ceiling or contact us directly, we have extensive knowledge of nearly all of the Islands halls. With over 100 halls listed on our halls list it’s incredible that every year we are still discovering new halls here on the Island. Our halls list also includes a list of what will fit in that hall. What this does not say is how much available space there is after we have setup our equipment. If you have a party with 10 children attending it’s completely different to hiring the same hall with 30 children attending. To prevent accidents and damage to our equipment from overcrowding we can and will, where possible, advise you of the suitable choices of equipment to hire for your party. We use sandbags to secure the inflatable for use indoors. We also use a lot more crash mats in accordance with BSEN14960:2019 to cover any open area of an inflatable. Where available, acoustic hoods are provided for the blower units to reduce noise levels.

Can the inflatables be used in rain or wind?

Most of our inflatables come with built in shower covers which are suitable in a light rain shower. It is recommended that use of the inflatable is stopped in the event of heavy or persistent rain due to the surface becoming slippery and hazardous. When the rainfall passes the water can then be mopped up with a towel and use of the inflatable can continue. Inflatables cannot be used in high winds as this is extremely hazardous. You will not be charged if we have to cancel your inflatable hire due to weather conditions. Predicted heavy rain and predicted high winds are the two main reasons that a cancellation could occur. We carry anemometers with us to check wind speeds locally but are always monitoring weather conditions in the lead up to your hire date. If wind gusts are forecast to go above 23 miles per hour we will be in contact with you prior to the booking to discuss your options. If even a light rainfall is predicted we use waterproof covers to ensure all electrics are kept safe. The majority of our electrical extension leads and connections have been upgraded to IP44 rated 16amp connections and are the preferred method of power supply.

Can the inflatables be used in the winter?

Yes we hire our inflatables all year round but from the beginning of October through till the beginning of April our inflatables can only be used indoors with the exception of our Santa's Grotto and Snow Globe Bouncer. If the weather is milder in October and March then outdoor hire will be considered but is subject to the weather conditions at the time. Firm ground is essential for safe setup as is low wind speeds and light to no rainfall.

How much electricity does the blower use?

Obviously prices will depend on your own electricity supplier and their tariff however, an average electric consumption would place the cost between eighty pence and one pound twenty for a 6 hour hire. We use the most power efficient blowers on the market so they are very economical and efficient. Individually they draw 2.8kw on the start up but once inflated (usually within around 30 seconds) draw 1.1kw of power continuously.

Do you provide safety instructions?

Yes. Not only do we offer an extremely safe setup for our inflatables and other hire equipment that is second to none, we also provide safety instructions for you to access for the hire and which we go through with you on setup of the equipment. You can view our pictograph safety sheets in the safety section of our website.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

With the exception of weddings, face painting and events, as explained below, to secure your booking we require a minimum £30 deposit on the date the booking was made. This is a non-refundable deposit. For cancellations, the deposit can be transferred once to another booking that takes place within 6 calendar months of the date the original booking was made. This is subject to availability. If a booking cannot be remade within the 6 month period then the deposit is lost. Deposits secure the equipment for you whilst we turn away other customers and as such are non-refundable.

Weddings - As well as a booking deposit, we take an additional security deposit for weddings which is fully refundable after the hire has taken place assuming the equipment is returned undamaged and in the same great condition that we left it in. For weddings, full payment is required one month prior to the hire date.

Face Painting - For face painting and balloon modelling bookings payment is required upfront and in full and is non-refundable. It may be transferred at the discretion of the face painter.

Events - Please contact us directly with regards deposits for events

How do I pay?

Most people prefer to pay by cash or bank transfer on delivery. This is our preferred option. We do also accept debit cards on the day but not Credit Cards. You will need to inform us prior to the hire date if you would prefer to pay this way on the day. We no longer accept cheques. We can also take payments in advance by bank transfer or PayPal. If you do not have sufficient funds to pay for the equipment at the beginning of the hire then we cannot proceed with setup and any money already paid will be lost and non transferable.

Is there an age limit for using the inflatables?

Most of our bouncy castles are suitable for children up to the age of 12. Our adult bouncy castles are suitable for all ages. We would ask that users respect the age restrictions as too much weight can cause damage to our bouncy castles. Our adult bouncy castles are designed with a deeper bed to allow for the additional weight of an adult, as well as special webbed stitching. They also have much higher walls than a standard bouncy castle. Any damages caused to our inflatables due to misuse are required to be paid for in full by you, the customer. Non payment or refusal to pay in the event of damage caused will be pursued to the full extent of the law.

How many can use the bouncy castle at one time?

This is dependent upon the size of the castle and age of the children. As a general rule there should be enough space for each child to jump without bumping into others or falling off the unit itself. A responsible adult should always supervise and common sense should prevail. Every inflatable unit that is designed for the use of a person on it has a separate label (somewhere near the front of the unit) that offers correct guidance for the correct amount of persons at any one time. Our safety certificates also carry this information and can be viewed on every product page (on our website) for bouncy castles and Slides.

Are there any height restrictions?

If you are taller than the inside walls on the bouncing area of the bouncy castle then you should not use the unit. It is also strongly advised never to mix different ages of children or adults and children on an inflatable at the same time.

Can I clean the inflatable?

Our bouncy castle will be cleaned prior to hire and upon collection. If you do need to clean the bouncy castle during the hire period then please do so using warm soapy water (washing-up liquid) or a cleaning agent such as CIF. Chemical cleaning agents must not be used. Please do not allow children to use the castle when wearing face paint unless it has been agreed by us or you are using one of our very own professional face painters. If a face paint mark does occur, please clean it off as quickly as possible as this can permanently stain the unit. If additional cleaning is required by us to clean the inflatable then you may be charged. If the inflatable is permanently damaged then you will be liable and expected to pay for repair or replacement in full.

What if a problem arises during the hire period?

In the unlikely event of a problem occurring please contact us and we will attempt to either solve the problem over the phone or return to the setup to solve the problem. During busy periods it may not always be possible to answer the phone immediately but missed calls are always returned.

Do you belong to any trade associations?

We are full members of the B.I.H.A. (British Inflatables Hirers Alliance) and T.I.P.E. (The Inflatable Play Enterprise). We are also members of 'Trading Standard's Buy With Confidence Scheme' here on the island and more recently we have become 'Gold Members' of 'The South West of England Professional Hirers Alliance'. You can read more about these associations on our home page

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes our equipment is supplied under the protection of a Public Liability Policy up to £5 million which is subject to the terms and conditions of hire. This covers us for the unit itself and our safe setup. You are responsible for supervision and are liable for any injuries sustained through misuse. We will provide written safety instructions which are based on current HSE guidelines and we will require a signature to our terms and conditions of hire before we leave the unit/s with you.

How safe are your inflatables?

To us, safety is paramount. All of our units are commercial quality, safety tested and conform to strict industry standard. All of our equipment is hygienically cleaned, regularly serviced and comply with UK Health and Safety Regulations. All electric circuits are protected with RCD’s (power safety circuit breakers) and are PAT tested. We don’t hurry when setting up. All points are pegged down correctly, cables stowed away to minimise trip hazards and enough mats supplied to cater for unexpected tumbles. A full briefing is also given to ensure you are completely at ease should any unlikely problem arise. We personally safety check our castles before and after every hire. All of our castles are purchased brand new and will go through an annual test (like an MOT) carried out by a registered RPII tester to ensure they comply to BS EN 14960:2019.

For indoor setups on a hard surface you will notice we provide you with crash mats to fully surround any open area of an inflatable ie the step area or end of a slide and not just a couple of crash mats thrown at the front. This is to prevent accidents, in particular head injuries, from occurring in the event of a child falling awkwardly from a step area. This is in accordance with BS EN 14960:2019 but has been in place since 2006. It is the responsibility of the supervising adult to ensure castles and Slides are being used correctly and that crash mats are kept in place at all times. If you are unsure of any aspect of your hire regarding safety, please make sure to ask the person setting up your equipment or contact us directly.

Generator Use and Hire

Although we do not hire out generators ourselves we can offer a percentage discount through a reputable Island supplier. If you do choose to use a generator as power supply for our inflatables, you are solely responsible for ensuring the generator you provide is suitable for requirement. If you are unsure as to the power requirements to run an inflatable then please contact us directly for more information. Sub standard or low powered generators can cause damage to our inflation devices and by ignoring this fact and trying to run a blower from a sub standard or low powered generator you will be liable for the full cost replacement of the blower/s should they break.

What is the age limit for soft play?

Soft play is suitable for babies and toddlers up the age of 4 years. Our farmyard soft play is suitable for children under 6 years. We would recommend that you supervise carefully if smaller babies are on the equipment at the same time as older children.

Can the children wear Face Paint on the bouncy castle or soft play?

Please speak to us if you are planning to use face paint during your party or event. Some brands of face paint cause permanent staining to the PVC used for bouncy castles and inflatables as well as soft play equipment and so it is important that we are consulted. Ideally we would preference the use of our own professional face artists who are fully insured, follow correct cleaning procedures during the party or event and use professional face paints. We would also ask that you never use silly string or party poppers on the equipment. Silly string in particular can cause permanent damage through staining which we will pursue reimbursement for for cleaning, repair or replacement of our equipment if necessary.

Can I collect the equipment from you?

No, we need to install and collect our units and equipment ourselves for safety reasons and insurance constraints.