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Balloons, Balloons and more Balloons! Balloon Arches for your big event, or maybe an impressive A-symmetrical arch. We have a Star Arch for your corporate event or a heart arch for your wedding day and in your wedding colours. Balloon Clouds that hang in pockets from the ceiling for an incredible indoor effect at your event. How about a balloon wall behind the head table at your wedding either organic or uniform. We can create balloon letters that spell out your company name to any size or why not go for a stunning alternative to ‘Mr and Mrs’ lettering at your wedding. Let’s us rain down balloons by the hundreds for your Prom or New Years party or fill your bosses office to the brim for some 1st April fun for April Fools! We can even create characters of any height and any style, how about a ten foot bride and groom, or Santa Claus holding a present in a field of Christmas trees. If you can think it, we can make it!

Environmentally Friendly

Thats right, the latex in the Balloons we use are harvested from a natural and sustainable source and latex is 100% biodegradable. However, the time it takes for a latex balloon is approximately 4 years which is far too long when you can consider the creatures that could and can come across it in this time. As such balloons should be disposed of responsibly and we will NOT release balloons into the environment for entertainment. There are some incredible things we can do with balloons both indoors and out.

Balloons, when used responsibly are a very well managed sustainable resource;

  • Balloons are made from latex which is harvested from rubber trees in a way that does not harm the trees
  • Each tree consumes CO2 and so is good for the environment and there are billions of rubber trees
  • There is zero waste when harvesting the Latex and processing it
  • Eventually the tree stops producing latex and is harvested for its wood
  • Each year the mature trees are harvested and new trees are planted

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