Covid-19 Procedures for hire

Please read the following information prior to your hire to ensure a smooth operation on the day.

COVID-19 - Additional Terms of Hire in line with government guidelines for social distancing

Set Up Procedure during Coronavirus:
Due to the unexpected arrival of the coronavirus pandemic we have been unable until recently to start hiring again. However, with new guidelines in place and restrictions slowly starting to ease we have put in place a set of our own guidelines for a contact free hire that is safe for both you the customer and our staff. The following is a basic requirement for ALL bookings made at this time. If these requirements cannot be met then a hire will not be possible at this time. In addition this document lays out the new procedure for hire. Please ensure you read this entire document. It is provided to ensure the safety of your family and ours and to reduce the chances of transmission of Covid-19.

Garden Hires Only* - Setting up can only take place in the hirers garden. Back garden hires only or gardens where the general public do not have access to your garden. Please be aware hires to halls are still not available as an option at this time.

*Hire to schools - which already follow strict rules for social distancing and class protective bubbling are permitted. Schools must risk assess for use of equipment on a case by case basis, we are available to discuss options with you should you have any concerns prior to the hire date. No summer fete hires or events that encourage a social gathering beyond existing class protective bubbles are allowed.

Terms and Conditions - Will now only be able to be signed in advance and not on the day of hire. This will have been done during the booking process via email or through our websites online booking system.

Easy Access - A clear side access is required to your property, we cannot and will not move equipment through people’s houses. Garage access may be considered but it is your responsibility to inform us before we arrive to setup if that is the case.
No Social Gatherings - Although guidelines have been relaxed to allow people outside of the household to visit, only members of the hirers household can use the equipment hired. If we discover that social distancing has been breached in this way then the equipment will be removed and our staff have been advised to inform the authorities.

Signs of Covid-19 - If anyone in the hirers household have shown signs of the virus in the last 7 days the booking will need to be rescheduled or cancelled. If members of our staff have shown signs of the virus they will not be allowed to deliver the equipment. We will endeavour to find a replacement but this may not always be possible at this time. You will be given plenty of notice if this is the case and the booking will need to be rescheduled.

Payments - Deposits are taken on booking. The balance can either be paid when booking or on delivery. We do carry card machines on the van that can accommodate contactless payment if the balance amount is £30 or lower. Card machines are wiped down with antibacterial wipes prior to departure on the day of delivery and staff use antibacterial hand gel prior to handling the machines. If the balance payment is higher than contactless card payments would allow then the customer can handle the card machine but will need to antibac their hands first. Please see the below on rules for Social Distancing and Card Machines. Alternatively payments can be taken in cash. Money to be paced in a secure but visible place in the setup area. Money is then collected by our staff, isolated in a separate container for 72 hours before being removed.

Social distancing and Card Machines - Social distancing rules apply, this is the process for card terminal handling. Both customer and JJ's staff must initially antibac their hands with alcohol gel with an alcohol content of 60% or more. The details will be entered into the card machine and the terminal will be placed a distance of 2 meters away from the customer. Our staff member must then be allowed time to step back and the customer may now step forward to pick up the terminal and enter their card and code. After the transaction is complete the customer may then remove their card and the terminal is to be placed down again. The customer will be allowed time to step back at which time our staff member will step forward to pick up the terminal.

Entering the setup area - Access to the setup area should be clear and free of debris. Where possible gates should be left open. Customers are advised to stay indoors unless requested. Children and pets should be kept indoors until we leave. Due to health and safety and as part of our insurance policy we can only use our own extension leads and so the following rules apply; Extension plug and lead (enough to enter the property) will be wiped over with an antibacterial wipe and placed near to the point of entry into the house. Once the JJ's staff have stepped back the customer may collect the lead, pass it through, plug it in and switch it on. Plugs MUST ONLY be plugged into a mains socket and NOT into another extension lead.

Cleaning Procedures part 1 - Upon setup your castle will already have been isolated for a minimum of 72 hours. Minimal contact with equipment upon setup will also be in place. JJ's staff use antibacterial hand gel before stepping out of their vehicle. Once setup is complete the castle will be sprayed without being entered with a 40 to 1 ratio of water to disinfectant. The castle should be allowed to stand for 40 minutes to allow to dry fully before use.

Leaving you with the equipment - Now the equipment is setup the hirer alone may come out and a verbal handover of the equipment is completed before JJ's staff leave. All gates are to be closed by the customer.

Cleaning Procedures part 2 - It is your responsibility, the customer, to ensure no debris is left on the inflatable upon collection. Any marks should be wiped off using a cloth that has been in warm soapy water and then wrung out prior to being wiped across the surface. No chemicals should be used for cleaning as they can damage the inflatable. Our staff will not be able to enter the inflatable upon collection.

Collection - Please ensure children and pets are kept indoors upon arrival of our staff for collection. No unnecessary persons should be in the garden. Gates should be opened upon arrival to avoid our staff having to make contact with handles. Passageways and paths should be cleared to avoid staff having to move items for clear access.

Cleaning Procedures part 3 - Upon collection crash mats are sprayed with a 40 to 1 ratio disinfectant spray and wiped clean. They are then allowed to stand and dry whilst the inflatable is packed away. Antibacterial hand gel is used before and after packing away.

7 Days 'No Hire' Period - No inflatable hired will have been hired to anyone else within a week of hiring to you. 72 hours after hire your inflatable is re-inflated and cleaned down before being packed away and stored for a further 72 hours. During the initial 72 hours your inflatable is stored separately from all other inflatables. After cleaning it is then placed back in with the other inflatables.

Informed Staff - All staff involved in the setup and clean down of your inflatable have completed a prevention of COVID-19 online course with the Virtual College. In addition when at your property they carry antibacterial hand gel (of 60% alcohol or more) at all times and are constantly following good hygiene practices to reduce the risk of the spread of the virus.

Reduced Stock - We are running a reduced service. Part of the reason for this is logistical as any items hired need to be stored separately from everything else until they are cleaned. Ball pools will also not be allowed until further notice for storage and transportation reasons. All bouncy castles and most games are still available to hire. Any games that involve small parts must be collected up and be with the inflatable or game upon collection.

If you have any questions regarding the information provided above or would like further detail or clarification then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.