Trade Associations

We are proud members of the ‘Isle of Wight Trading Standards Approved Scheme’ -

This Scheme puts Trading Standards on our doorstep scrutinising our business paperwork and contacting our customers to meet approval for membership.

We are proud members of ‘The South West of England Professional Hirers Group’ - Gold Member -

Membership to this group is by invitation only after 2 whole years of outside scrutiny by its founding members by showing absolute compliance to en:14960 2013. This is an unsubscribed group that has no annual subscription fee of any kind and so no way to buy yourself in. There is a wealth of experience in the inflatable hire industry from its group members and its founding member is a trained and registered inspector with the RPii and is also registered under the PIPA scheme. In addition he has been and still is a hirer in the industry for over 20 years.

We are proud members of T.I.P.E - ‘The Inflatable Play Enterprise’ -

This is a paid subscription advisory service that works closely with and alongside the Health and Safety Executive of England (The H.S.E.) in order to help both inform us, the hirers, and provide a solid link between the inflatable industry and central government to move forward with best practices.

We are members of the BIHA - ‘British Inflatable Hirers’ Alliance’ -

A paid subscription group that offers industry advice and encourages good practice within the industry.

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