20 March 16 - Dawn of Justice!

Batman V's Superman : Dawn of Justice, THE EXCLUSIVE TRUTH REVEALED

Back in September of 2013 my wife and I had finally made the decision to purchase SUMO SUITS and add them to our hire fleet. Looking around however there was a dim truth that all Sumo suits appeared to be cut from the same mould. We've all seen them, large suits, big bellies and kinda pink-ish in colour depending on how or if the company you hire them from bother to clean them between hires. They just seemed dull. So we took this and said no....no we will not be the same, we will do something different, something super and fantastic! Thus the Superhero Sumo Suit was born to the islands hire market but then came the bigger question of who? Who would represent the superhero community? Who could battle hero versus hero for the crown.
Well, it was me that finally won that final argument and our Batman V's Superman sumo's went into production at an undisclosed location somewhere in the north of England but from the ashes of this argument grew a greater unrest. In a world of superheroes my wife could not accept that a fair fight was there to be had between these two giants of the superhero world. This unrest grew and grew long after we had received delivery of the sumo suits themselves and at the time it felt like a constant presence much like the eye of Sauron was upon me and questioning this epic choice of superhero combatants at every opportunity. How would Batman stand a chance?, she'd say. He's only human! Yes, I'd answer but the most intelligent human on the planet and Superman isn't invincible.........."but he's SUPERMAN!!!!", she'd insist.

I'm sure you can imagine the continued and escalating debate.

Luckily at this point, Director Zack Snyder stepped in with Warner Bros and DC Entertainment in order to settle the dispute between my wife and myself and for this we and our children, family, friends and neighbours are eternally grateful.

To celebrate the fact we are offering 2 superhero party packages for the coming months, one for adults and one for children.


Adult Superhero Party Castle £80
Adult Superhero Sumo Suits £70
(Batman V's Superman)

Package price: £135


Children's Superhero Bouncer £50
Children's inflatable Superhero Ball Pool £40
(With 8 magic air jugglers!)

Package price: £85

We also have available children's Sumo Suits to hire at £50 per hire for ages 8-14. They are Spider-Man V's Hulk.....but that's a whole other debate!

All hire items subject to availability and terms and conditions of hire, please Contact us for details or book online today!

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