02 November 16 - Parties, for us it's a full time profession

As many of our regular customers are aware, for the past three and a half years I have been juggling between two jobs. I've been a baker at Morrisons in Newport for the last sixteen and a half years and then we started up JJ's (Jon & Jess) in 2013. In February of that year we purchased three brand new bouncy castles and set out our business plan for the next few years. Since then we have personally introduced the Island to Didi Cars, Didi Car Racetracks, Mobile Soft Play, Space Hopper Hire, Happy Hopperz, Inflatable Soft Play Arenas, Sensory Soft Play and so much more. A lot has changed since then and today has been a very significant day as I finally managed to hand in my notice at Morrisons and today was my last day working there. The last few years have been an amazing experience and we've had so much fun at so many parties, events and Weddings and as of today I'll now be able to operate as FULL TIME SELF EMPLOYED as Supreme Overlord here at JJ's HQ. We are extremely excited about this and look forward to the coming years as we continue to grow and offer a service that's second to none here on the Island. Thank you so much to everyone that has supported us up to this point and we promise to continue to offer outstanding service and top quality products. Jon :-)

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