06 January 17 - Trading Standards Approved since since April 2014

It's worth mentioning and I don't know why we don't say it more that we are a trading standards approved company here on the island. In order to achieve that we are visited by trading standards, they look at what we do and how we run our business, they look at our insurance and our test certificates and they check to make sure we are members of the trade associations that we claim to be members of, they even speak to our customers too and ask them for their opinion. We are proud to be able to offer you a top quality service with a safe setup and fully compliant units and equipment that meet BSEN14960: 2013 standards. We make sure that we don't just have liability insurance but that we are compliant with it too. We do things the way we do so that we can provide a safe and reliable service. Customers that have tried elsewhere in the past always return to us. When choosing your party hire equipment, look for the logo.

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