06 September 17 - ZOMBIE WEDDING!!!

BEWARE - ZOMBIE WEDDING!!!! PLEASE MAKE SURE THE KIDS AREN'T AROUND WHEN YOU READ THIS!!!....and if you have a weak stomach, that's really not my fault.

We've attended well over a hundred weddings in the last 5 years and helped lots of happy couples tie the knot on their big day. The time, effort and money that goes in to planning that perfect day should never be underestimated and for our tiny little part to play in the days proceedings we try to ensure that everything runs smoothly whilst rarely ever catching a glimpse of the bride and groom during the day.

Of all the weddings that I've ever attended however this one is burned into the back of my psyche forever for it's bold and unique approach to an expression of unity, but also and more importantly, I'm incredibly jealous that Jess and I didn't have the genius of vision or the sheer ballsiness to be able to pull something like this off ourselves ten years ago. There is of course a whole team of fantastic individuals who embraced this vision with Dean and Blue on their wedding day and with them they created something truly spectacular and fantastic. The happy couple have very kindly allowed me to share the following photos with you, take a look...

Wedding cake!!!!

The happy couple :-)

The staff at East Dene who dived head first into the theme with their clients

Hannah and her husband Mike, Hannah and her team were responsible for the special effects makeup on the day.

Full moon, obvs....


Page Boy

Our small part to play in the big days theme...

Overall setup from JJ's :-)

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