19 April 18 - POP-UP PARTIES ARE BACK!....and they are better than ever!

Back in 2016 we attempted a new kind of party. We hire a hall for a day, fill it with equipment and run three separate parties throughout the day. Unfortunately at the time due to reasons beyond our control we could no longer run the parties at the hall we wanted to and so the idea was shelved. Well all that has changed and we now have an even better hall AND it has the bonus of its own kitchen and top chef and so we’ve been able to achieve an even bigger goal. Presenting the all new, POP-UP PARTIES!!

POP UP PARTY - How does it work?

We do everything for you.

You pay one price and it includes ALL of the following;

Our 40ft long Obstacle Assault Course

Didi Car Racetrack + 10 Didi Cars!

Enclosed Soft Play area for toddlers

Wireless Music System (for streaming your music through)

Hot food for up to 30 children (see below for details)


A huge hall venue

ALL this is worth a whopping £475 but you pay just £250 for a 2 hour party.

AND the hall has a separate bar where teas, coffees etc are available to buy for the adults.

AND the hall has its own private car park

AND if you really don’t want any fuss we can also include pre-made Sweet Cones for the guests at £1.50 per head

AND if you really, really don’t want any fuss we have a hall decorations and balloons add-on package available too!

Hot meals consist of either;

Hotdog, Chicken Strips, Fish Fingers or a Vegetarian option

served in a basket with chips.

Refreshments; Orange Squash, Blackcurrant Squash, Water

Please contact us directly to book in for the 12th of May for your Pop Up Party! Limited space available.

If we can make this new party a success then we will continue it from month to month so if you are interested then please tell your friends about it so we can continue. The following dates are currently available,

(Fully booked) Saturday 22nd September 2018

Saturday 27th October 2018

Saturday 10th November 2018

Saturday 15th December 2018

Saturday 19th January 2019

Saturday 16th February 2019

Saturday 16th March 2019

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