04 July 18 - Setting the standard for safety on the Island

In the past we have been recognised for our safe approach to inflatable setups and even won an award based on our safe standards. Well, today we have finally received our officially recognised certificate from the Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII).

The RPII are recognised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of England. The HSE oversee the regulation of BSEN:14960 2013 which is the standard we hirers should all be working to.

If you follow this link and type in ‘Jon Steele’ (that’s me!) you’ll see that I’m registered on this database as having qualified as ‘Operator and Attendant of Children’s Inflatable Play Equipment’. This is currently the only recognised qualification within the industry apart from the Play Inspectors who test our inflatables annually to current safety standards, a bit like a cars MOT.

You can view our (MOT) safety certificates at any time by clicking on our inflatable products for hire and clicking ‘Tests’ which brings up our current safety certificates that are ALL registered with the PIPA online database.

We are the only company on the Island to have the RPII certification but I have high hopes my competitors will do the right thing and consider taking this course to help improve safety on the Island for everyone.

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