15 October 18 - Roarsome new Dino package!

Roarsome Dino Soft Play! For the budding palaeontologist grasping to understand the origins of life on our planet prior to the start of the Holocene Epoch, why not fill their young and impressionable grey matter with some Soft Play examples that are far less dangerous and volatile to play with than their ancestral counterparts and they are a bit squishier too. Our Dino Soft Play consists of three herbivores and one carnivore, who might in other lands, have considered consuming his soft play buddies, but all that’s behind him now and they are all friends together ready for the children’s entertainment industry!

Our four Soft Play Dinosaur Shapes are unique hand painted pieces that come with two soft play crash mats to play on. For added Roarsomeness you can hire our new Dino’s in a brand new dinotastic package alongside our Dino Castle and Lava Slide! Click here to view the package!

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