25 January 19 - Industry Awards Ceremony for 2018

The South West of England Professional Hirers Group (S.W.O.E.P.H.G.) Awards

Once again it was that time of year when we had received the exciting news that our presence was requested and our membership had been renewed for this most prestigious of industry groups, the South West of England Professional Hirers Group and we were once again invited to the awards ceremony this time in Woodbury, Exeter on the 15th January 2019. A ferry and a train journey away we were joined by industry professionals from across the South West and further afield as the groups membership breaks through the South West barrier with confidence. Slumming it for an overnight stay at an exclusive golfing and spa resort hotel in an idilic countryside setting was a lot to handle but we tried our best.

Once again we are excited to report we have walked away for a second year running with another award for safety. This year we received the award for ‘Safe Practices and Procedures’ which recognises our safe approach to the setting up of equipment and risk assessment of venues and spaces both indoors and out. This is a fantastic award to walk away with and once again recognises that safety is key to what we do. It was an impressive awards ceremony and was great to catch up with our fellow industry professionals to exchange thoughts and ideas for the coming year as well as reflecting on the past twelve months.

Here is a little bit about the group, it’s progress in the last 12 months and it’s ideals as said by one of S.W.O.EP.H.G’s founding members;

As we move convincingly through the first half of the first month of this new year it’s possible to look back and reflect upon the past twelve months and the achievements of the SWOEPHG group both individually by its members and the group as a whole.

With continued vigour the ideals of SWOEPHG and it’s role in an ever volatile industry that faces a continued barrage of uneducated media bias have been upheld by the groups core values;

  • Each member is vetted for two years prior to invitation for their great attitude towards customers and the service they provide to them, their aptitude towards industry standards and their approach to forward thinking and setting examples of high standards to others
  • Membership can never be bought or paid for, only be offered for invitation. There is no and will never be an annual subscription
  • Working together with other members to promote good practice and teamwork from business to business
  • Education not vindication and standing shoulder to shoulder to move forward together

Over the past twelve months we have welcomed new members from further afield than the South West who share our ideals for the high industry standard that all customers deserve and so our numbers grow. Conversely we have also seen the loss of other members who have been unable to work together and excel where required for the good of the group, the industry and ultimately the customer.

If you are a member of the South West of England Professional Hirers Group you have already achieved so much and have earned your right to display the groups logo to your customers and drink from the wealth of knowledge that lies at the core of the groups members.

Be under no illusions if you are a member, your standards are being checked, and you are being watched for membership is not guaranteed and is continued only through continued high standards. If you are here, you are a winner and you are the best. Our members shine standing shoulder to shoulder. Let’s make 2019 the year we showed the industry how we work together, moving forward and moving up.

Chris Ball

Founding member


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