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3ft by 1ft Didi Cars x6

Delivery and Collection Times


Delivery - between 8am and 12pm (noon)

Collection - between 3pm and 7pm

Your core party times are between 12pm and 3pm but with an average 6 hour hire period.

Late Hire is available for adult suitable units ONLY and is chargeable at £10ph flat rate up until midnight and subject to available time slots.

Overnight Hire is available for adult units ONLY, at our discretion and only to secure locations as deemed by us. False or misleading information about the security of the setup site may result in the withdrawal of overnight hire as an option on the day.


We arrive for setting up at a prearranged with you time and repeat this for collection. We strongly recommend an hour either side of your party or event is reserved for setting up and packaging away however for a single inflatable 30 minutes either side of your event is usually sufficient. For dry hire (an unmanned option) drop off and collection times must be between 7am and 7pm on the day of the hire.



When hiring a bouncy castle, don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say click here

Indoor Hire Only, they work best on hard floors!

As with a lot of our hire equipment we are proud to be the first Isle of Wight company to introduce Didi/Swing cars to the island hire market. From day one these fantastic party add-on's have been a massive success at every party they have gone out too. A lot of our customers even say that they are more popular than the bouncy castles themselves. What's really great about them is that they are suitable for children AND adults to use. In fact they are robust enough to take the weight of riders up to 120kgs. Although we never normally recommend adults and children using any play equipment at the same time, if used correctly they are the exception to the rule! Super fantastic fun with these at your party!

How do they work?

Theres no motors or batteries and no pedals either, just good old fashioned applied physics

By placing your bum on the seat and your feet on the foot rests at the front so your entire body is off of the floor you can then wiggle the steering wheel, slightly at first, to gain forward momentum. It really doesn't take more than a few seconds to get the hang of them and once you do you'll never want to get off! Once you have momentum you can get around quite quickly and if you flip the steering wheel 180° you can even go backwards too!


Please note Didi Cars are an ‘Add-On’ Hire item and as such cannot be hired as a stand alone item unless the hire requires a minimum of 2 sets.

For orders that include a bouncy castle use the code ‘DIDICAR£30’ when booking online for a £5 discount on your Didi Cars! Please note, discount codes do not apply when booking existing package deals and will be removed if entered.

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Price: £35

Suitable for: Adults & Children

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you have enough space for your party setup. The size of the inflatable is not the same as the safe setup space required. If you are unsure then you can check using the ‘Size’ tab above or you can contact us directly. Make sure you have measured your setup area prior to calling. Please take into account overhead obstructions when measuring your space as well as any structures or obstacles that encroach on the ground space. It is your responsibility to inform us of any underground pipes or cables prior to setup. We cannot be held liable for any damage caused from ground anchors. If we arrive to set up and there is insufficient space for a safe setup or the setup area is unsuitable you will not receive your party setup and you will still be charged the full price for the hire.

Unit Size:1ft2.7ft1ft
Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass

Age RangeSuitable

Why not also hire our Didi Car Racetrack?

This fantastic bit of kit comes with the following;

  • 20ft x 20ft Didi Car Racetrack
  • 6 Didi/Swing Cars (assorted colours)
  • 1 large race flag for cheering the contestants on and race officiating

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The bit about health and safety...

Our Inflatables, as with all of our units are tested annually to both RPii or PIPA standards which follows the european standards as set out in en14960: 2013. This standard is overseen by the Health and Safety Executive of England and is the standard that should be used by all hirers. Unfortunately Didi Cars do not fall under the same category but our Inspector uses elements of the standard that he applies to form a test for the Cars. We also carry out regular maintenance as well as visual checks before each hire. Our Public Liability Insurance covers our safe setups with up to £5 million. All of our electrical equipment is annually PAT tested to ensure their safety for hire to the general public and is also subject to regular visual inspection by ourselves. Safety is key in everything we do, we pride ourselves on it. That's why when we drop off and setup your inflatable we also provide you with easy to understand safe use guidelines which we talk through with you to ensure safe operation of the inflatable whilst in your care.

If you would like to know more about our Didi Cars for hire or would like to make a booking then please feel free to contact us on (01983) 854739 or 07540 430790. You can also book here online using our automated booking system. We receive notification for every online booking we receive immediately that it comes in. Alternatively you can email us at

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What makes us the best for inflatable play equipment on the Isle of Wight? We are passionate about our business and as such work hard to provide top quality inflatables working together with our customers to create their perfect party package.

We are proud members of the Isle of Wight’s trading standards ‘Approved Trader Scheme’

We are also proud members of the ‘South West of England Professional Hirers Group’. Membership to this elite group is by invitation only after 2 whole years of outside scrutiny of our business whereby all group members are full-time in the industry, provide 5 million+ of public liability insurance, all equipment is fit for commercial use under HSE guidelines and annually safety tested, members must be able to show very good understanding of safety, a good understanding of hse safety guidelines and a great understanding of bsen14960:2013. This industry leading group has no annual subscription fee of any kind and as such membership cannot be bought or paid for. There is a wealth of experience in the inflatable hire industry from its group members and one of its founding members is a registered inspector for both the RPii and PIPA schemes.

More recently we are the only company on the Island to have sat the RPII Operators and Attendant Course which Jon passed with top marks. This new industry recognised course is run by the RPII Inspectors who test our units annually. The RPII worked together with the HSE to produce this course and help promote safety and good practice and although it is not currently mandatory to attend is a great step in the right direction for our industry.