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21ft by 21ft Gladiator Duel Arena with Pugil Sticks

Delivery and Collection Times


Delivery - between 8am and 12pm (noon)

Collection - between 3pm and 7pm

Your core party times are between 12pm and 3pm but with an average 6 hour hire period.

Late Hire is available for adult suitable units ONLY and is chargeable at £10ph flat rate up until midnight and subject to available time slots.

Overnight Hire is available for adult units ONLY, at our discretion and only to secure locations as deemed by us. False or misleading information about the security of the setup site may result in the withdrawal of overnight hire as an option on the day.


We arrive for setting up at a prearranged with you time and repeat this for collection. We strongly recommend an hour either side of your party or event is reserved for setting up and packaging away however for a single inflatable 30 minutes either side of your event is usually sufficient. For dry hire (an unmanned option) drop off and collection times must be between 7am and 7pm on the day of the hire.



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For nearly a thousand years the gladiator games entertained the audiences in the Roman Republic and Roman Empire. Thought to have origins in the funeral rites during the Punic Wars of Rome and Carthage during the 3rd Century, Gladiators would duel other Gladiators, wild animals and condemned criminals in violent confrontations. Admired by the masses for their shining example of Rome’s martial ethics in both fighting and dying they were celebrated in art and commemorated in objects throughout the Empire. The decline of these games came at the introduction and adoption of Christianity as the state church of the Roman Empire. The word Gladiator itself from the Latin meaning Swordsman, and although we couldn’t in good conscience or legal advocation bestow swords upon our customers for gladiatorial pleasures we can instead give you a big squishy floor, padded safety helmets and long foam sticks. Ladies and Gentelmen, boys and girls, we present the modern ‘nanny state’ version of our ancestral brethren’s brutally violent theatrical entertainment,

The Gladiator Duel Arena

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Original Price: £150Special Offer: £120Week Day Price: £110 (excludes Friday)

Suitable for: Adults & Children

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you have enough space for your party setup. The size of the inflatable is not the same as the safe setup space required. If you are unsure then you can check using the ‘Size’ tab above or you can contact us directly. Make sure you have measured your setup area prior to calling. Please take into account overhead obstructions when measuring your space as well as any structures or obstacles that encroach on the ground space. It is your responsibility to inform us of any underground pipes or cables prior to setup. We cannot be held liable for any damage caused from ground anchors. If we arrive to set up and there is insufficient space for a safe setup or the setup area is unsuitable you will not receive your party setup and you will still be charged the full price for the hire.

Unit Size:21ft21ft4ft
Required Space:30ft27ft12ft
Required Access Width:3ft
Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass

User HeightMaximum Users
Users should be of similar height and build2

Age RangeSuitable

How to play

This brutal yet fun Gladiator’s arena is for two players at a time of equal size and stature. Children and adults should not be pitted against each other, no matter how much the little darlings may deserve it, it’s just not fair. It could also lead to actual injury. I know, it’s just not fair.

The two volunteers should remove shoes, attach the appropriate head gear and step onto their individual podiums. Using the foam Pugil Sticks provided the aim of the game is to knock your opponent from their podium down onto the inflated bed below.

Whats included

  • 21ft by 21ft Gladiator Duel Arena
  • 2 x Pugil Sticks
  • 2 x Adult Safety Helmets
  • 2 x Children’s Safety Helmets (for ages 7 to 12 years)
  • Suitable anchors depending on setup surface
  • Full Safety Instructions
  • Service With a Smile


This game, as with many of our fun hire items, involves a certain amount of physical contact and being bashed around happens. As such it is not suitable for anyone with a history of back or neck problems or anyone that suffers from heart conditions. For ages 7+ and maximum 12.5 stone weight limit per person.

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Picture the scene, surrounded by goading friends and loved ones who all gather around to watch and encourage. We are all familiar with the first dance as a top moment on your big day but it's not often we get to see the first time she pummels her new hubby off of his podium with a pugil stick. So romantic. Why not take a look at our other popular wedding party entertainment options.

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